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You would like to visit the city of Hamburg and are looking for barrier-free rooms? Then you've come to the right place. Our barrier-free deluxe rooms invite you to relax and feel good with a guaranteed harbour view.

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Our aim is to make everyone feel welcome - with or without a disability. Comfort and safety are of utmost importance in this context. That is why we have walked through our rooms and all corners of our house for you and are happy to present all relevant information about accessibility. Regardless of your handicap, you are always welcome to stay with us.

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A grey wheelchair symbol as a cut-out.

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The Hotel


  • The main entrance is equipped with a sliding door and is opened automatically.
  • The entrance door is barrier-free and 3.20 m wide.
  • There are seating areas near the main entrance.

Public Areas - Other:

  • There are four lifts in the lobby.
  • The hotel corridors are wheelchair accessible (corridor width is 1.85 m).
  • Service dogs or guide dogs are allowed in the hotel.


  • The disabled parking spaces are located in the underground garage, direct access to the lobby is provided by lifts.
  • Number of disabled parking spaces: 12 in total (7 on floor -1 and 5 on floor -2).


  • Number of barrier-free rooms: 3 rooms
  • The room door is at least 1 m wide.
  • The corridor is at least 1.60 m wide.
  • The light switch is easily accessible for wheelchair users (1.05 m high).
  • The rooms have red carpeting.
  • The wardrobe has either no doors or sliding doors.
  • The clothes rail has a maximum height of 1.60 m.
  • Desk has enough clearance for a wheelchair.
  • The bed height is 0.58 m.
  • There is a free space of at least 0.90 m to the right and left of the bed.

Room - Bathroom

  • The entire bathroom is barrier-free.
  • The shower is barrier-free.
  • The water tap can be operated with one hand.
  • The water supply of the shower is equipped with a thermostat.
  • The washbasin has a height of 0.85 m.
  • The bathroom door is 0.89 m wide.
  • The towels in the bathroom are accessible from a wheelchair.
  • The shower gel and shampoo dispensers in the shower are accessible from a wheelchair.
  • The toiletries are conveniently accessible from the toilet.


  • Our breakfast buffet offer a variety of vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free products. Everyone can create their own perfect breakfast; the possibilities are almost endless.
  • The breakfast buffet is at a maximum height of 0.95 m.
  • The tables are 0.75 m high.
  • The aisles in the restaurant are at least 1.10 m wide.
  • The entrance to the restaurant waterkant is 1.18 m wide.

Restaurant waterkant

  • The entrance of the restaurant is 1.18 m wide.
  • The aisles of the restaurant waterkant are at least 1.10 m wide.
  • The tables are 0.75 m high.
  • The bar counter is 1.20 m high.
  • Two disabled restrooms are located on the second floor, thus one is above the Restaurant waterkant. This is easily accessible directly via four lifts.

Skyline Bar 20up

  • The entrance to the Skyline Bar 20up is 1.25 m wide.
  • The aisles of the bar are at least 1.70 m wide.
  • The tables are 1.10 m high.
  • The bar counter is 1.20 m high.
  • Two disabled restrooms are located on the second floor and are easily accessible via four lifts.

Conferences & Events

  • The conference rooms are barrier-free and easily accessible.
  • There are two disabled restrooms in the foyer of the second floor in front of the meeting rooms.
  • The door to the conference room is at least 1.20 m wide.
  • There is seating in the foyer of the meeting rooms.

Book a barrier-free room?

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