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2G & 3G regulation

2G or 3G regulation – Hardly any other topic has been discussed as extensively in Germany as this one. The Hamburg Senate was the first federal state to make the decision to introduce the 2G regulation on 28th August 2021 and thus caused a stir among many people.

What does this mean? – From now on, companies and event organizers are free to decide whether to continue to adhere to the previous restrictions on the number of guests and distance requirements and to accommodate and serve vaccinated, recovered or tested persons, or whether to switch to the 2G model and thus suspend all restrictions.

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The fact that the Hamburg Senate left the decision up to the companies themselves caused discord in many companies. Companies were now in intensive discussion about what the right way was, and so were we. We too have discussed intensively how we can best implement the 2G Regulation and 3G Regulation and have come to the conclusion that there is no perfect solution, but we still want to do our best. Therefore, we will continue to use the 3G regulation, i.e. vaccinated, recovered and tested, in the entire house. Only in our Skyline Bar 20up we have implemented the 2G regulation.

If you look around and take a look at the Kiez or the Schanze, you can already see the first party-loving people on the streets again. Here, many clubs and bars have already opted for the 2G rule and brought some normality back into all of our lives. Without a mask in the bar? – That has not been imaginable for a long time, so we are even more pleased that the hustle and bustle, which we love so much in Hamburg, slowly starts again.

The Empire Riverside Hotel Team

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