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Cooking for a good cause

What happened to 2700 eggs, 150 litres of sauce and 40 kg of potatoes? Due to the sudden cancellation of the hotel business we had some food left over, which we would like to give to all those who are suffering from the current situation. For the people in need at CaFée mit Herz, a social institution that has been particularly close to our hearts for years, our kitchen team prepared delicious meal.

"Especially in this situation, it is a wonderful feeling to help those people who do not have it so easy in life. I am very happy that we were able to bring great joy to the people in need with our normally daily work, the cooking".

Rene Bruno, Banquet Kitchen Manager

The CaFée mit Herz welcomes everyone and everybody. The facility in the middle of St.Pauli is much more than a day care centre for the people in need. It provides poor, unemployed and homeless people with meals, showers, medical care and above all help for self-help in all situations. We have been supporting the institution for many years with donations of food and goods. Here you can learn more about the institution.

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