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Filleting salmon trout.

Hamburg, 17 June 2022

"We have fish on Fridays!" - a well-known saying that originally stems from Good Friday, as fish was exempt from the fasting regulations.
However, we don't only serve fish on Fridays, but every day. Whether salmon trout, plaice, monkfish or other fresh delicacies from the wholesale market.
Have you never dared to fillet fish yourself? You're not alone - but it's not that difficult, believe us.

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We accompanied our chef Corey Mulsow in his daily routine and recorded for you how to easily fillet a salmon trout.
So next time, don't reach for the fish from the chiller cabinet or the finished fillet at the fresh food counter, but take this procedure into your own hands. This way you can even make good use of the supposed "leftovers" and proudly announce when serving that you pulled every bone yourself - your guests will be amazed. And who doesn't like happy guests? We speak from experience!

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How do I fillet a salmon trout?
With waterkant chef Corey Mulsow

You can find the english instructions directly below the video.


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