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Spring on the plate - "it's asparagus time".

Hamburg, 05 May 2023

It's that time again - 5 May is a special day for all asparagus lovers, because it is German Asparagus Day. For many gourmets, it is hard to imagine spring without asparagus. The delicious vegetable that sprouts from the earth and can be used in numerous dishes is a real culinary highlight of the season.

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Asparagus belongs to the genus Asparagaceae and has been cultivated in Europe for centuries. White asparagus, which grows underground and is protected from sunlight by covering the spears, is particularly popular. But green asparagus, which grows above ground and thus gets more sunlight, is also becoming increasingly popular and is ideal, whether in a salad or crunchily sautéed as a delicious side dish.

It's a real spring highlight, so it definitely belongs on every spring menu. That's why we're happy to include our favourite spring vegetable on our menu again this year. Our chef Corey Mulsow and his team have come up with a lot for the new asparagus menu. From the classic asparagus cream soup to asparagus salad with marinated salmon sashimi to a pound of asparagus with young potatoes and a choice of steak from the meadow calf, Färoer salmon or Holsteiner Katenschinken, there is something for everyone. Match it with a glass of cool 2021 Pinot Blanc - a real treat!

Of course, we don't just serve asparagus dishes at Restaurant waterkant, but also a wide selection of fish and meat dishes as well as delicious desserts. We always pay attention to the use of high-quality ingredients and careful preparation.

Our location directly on Hamburg's Elbe River also offers a unique ambience. Enjoy the view of the water and let yourself be enchanted by our stylish atmosphere. With us, you can end the evening in comfort.

Would you like to try the delicious asparagus dishes at the waterkant restaurant in the Empire Riverside Hotel? Then don't hesitate and book your table today! Whether it's a romantic dinner for two or a social gathering with friends and family, you can expect an unforgettable evening with first-class service and excellent food. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

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The asparagus season has started!

Asparagus menu

    • „Asparagus Salad“
      grilled | marinated | pickled | salmon sashimi | wasabi cream

      € 16,00
    • Cream of asparagus
      asparagus tips

      € 12,00
    • 1 pound asparagus
      young potatoes| clarified butter or hollandaise

      € 24,00
    • Steak from meadow calf 160gr

      160gr € 13,00
    • Steak from the Faroe salmon

      € 14,00
    • Holstein cottage ham

      € 8,00
    • 2021 Pinot Blanc
      Dreissigacker, Rheinhessen, Germany, Germany

      0,2l € 13,00
    • 0,75l € 40,00


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