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The transformation - when the Empire Riverside Hotel glows in elegant black.

Hamburg, 15.09.2023

We have exciting news for you! Our beloved lobby, once resplendent in simple white, has undergone a stunning transformation and now presents itself in deep, mysterious black. We have taken the bold step and are proud to take you on a behind-the-scenes journey of this exciting transformation. We share the fascinating story behind this decision.

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It all started with a thought that wouldn't let us go: How could we further enhance the elegance and timeless charm of our hotel? Our goal was to create an environment that would enchant our guests and at the same time convey a feeling of luxury and exclusivity. So the idea was born to paint our lobby in black and create a completely new experience for our visitors.

Before we started the renovation, we dived deep into the world of design. We browsed through old photographs of stylish hotels and boutiques. Our hotel owner in particular was inspired by the mysterious allure of black. It symbolises elegance, luxury and sophistication, qualities that set our hotel apart.

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