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Culinary sushi art.

Hamburg, 16 June 2023

While nowadays a lot of money is spent on the little Japanese delicacies, sushi was originally a very cheap, quick snack for on the go, eaten during the break of a play or during a long journey. Today, sushi is considered an absolute trend food and is served in star restaurants as well as in trendy sushi bars. In Hamburg, too, there are now many ways to eat sushi, but whether it's sashimi, nigiri or special rolls, Hamburg's well-known sushi master Chantira "Tuk" Bedick amazes guests at the Empire Riverside Hotel every evening. Find out how her career got started, who she is and what she conjures up on the evenings in the following article.

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What is sushi?

Sushi is a Japanese dish made from cold, soured rice. Ingredients such as raw or smoked fish, seafood or vegetables are also part of the dish, because only rice would be boring. The ingredients vary depending on the type and recipe and are very time-consuming to prepare.

We believe - Every sushi creation is a work of art that requires a lot of time and dedication to prepare. Our talented sushi master Tuk draws inspiration from ancient Japanese traditions to bring each roll to perfection. With her masterful precision, she cuts the finest pieces of fresh fish and presents the sushi in an artful arrangement. In the process, every move is special.

While you watch in anticipation, our sushi master will be happy to explain the secrets and stories behind this unique dish. Immerse yourself in a world of wonder and culinary discoveries! Enjoy every bite, because there is passion and dedication behind the preparation. Let yourself be seduced by the exquisite spices and experience the art of sushi in its fullest glory.

Fun fact - Did you know, for example, that sushi is eaten with the hands in Japan?

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In the mood for sushi?


If making sushi were so easy, anyone could open a restaurant and become a sushi master. But we know our guests and we know that many of them try it themselves at home, so we have a few tips for you to make your sushi a success.

  • When preparing sushi, the rice is the be-all and end-all. It is important that you use sushi rice and not the rice you have at home. It should be sticky enough so that the rolls don't fall apart at the end, but at the same time loose and fluffy. It is well known that no one likes squished and soft rice. To avoid this, you need to wash the rice thoroughly beforehand. This removes the excess starch.
  • Wash the rice properly: Fill a pot with cold water, add the rice and stir this by hand. You need to repeat this process 4-5 times.
  • As the preparation takes time, you can also prepare the rice the day before. You have to make sure that the rice is stored covered at room temperature.
  • In general, you can fill the sushi however you like. Avocado, salmon and cheese, no problem. But if you don't have much experience yet, you should rather use solid ingredients like cucumber, peppers, chicken or carrots, because with these ingredients the sushi remains particularly stable.
  • Once you have finished rolling your sushi and are ready to start cutting, make sure you use a sharp, moistened knife. This will make it easier to cut the roll into pieces and more likely that your pieces will stay whole.


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