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Vaccination with a view

The last few months have shown that a small prick can mean a big step out of the pandemic. In Hamburg's trade fair centres, hospitals and doctors' surgeries, many employees have therefore performed fantastic work in recent months and helped Hamburg to become the city with the third highest vaccination rate in Germany. To support them in their common goal and to make a small contribution, the hotel also offers its guests and employees a vaccination package.

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Immunisation during the day, drinks at night

To offer our guests an immunisation opportunity in an extravagant atmosphere, we came up with a special promotion. Why not swap a doctors' surgery for a Skyline Bar 20up and public transport for a Bentley? With DAVID finest sports car, our free offer was therefore: be chauffeured in a luxury car to the vaccination in our Skyline Bar 20up, and bridge the subsequent waiting time with a cocktail with a view of the Elbphilharmonie.

The unique offer met by enthusiasm from many interested parties, and the response was impressive. All the slots were quickly booked up and the tour got underway. The starting point was the participants' own homes, where they were picked up by their own chauffeur in a Bentley and then driven to the Empire Riverside Hotel. In our Skyline Bar 20up, they were then taken care by doctor Dr. Lerke Stiller and vaccinated with the Comirnaty vaccine from BioNTech/Pfizer. This included first, second and booster vaccinations. For a dignified conclusion, our non-alcoholic cocktail "Jack Sparrow" could be enjoyed afterwards with a view of the Hamburg harbour. We were thrilled by the positive feedback from the people and are happy to have made a small contribution on the road to endemicity.

The press also reported about the action (content in German):

NDR: with the Bentley to Corona vaccination

SZ: Special vaccination campaign in Hamburg

Morgenpost: Incentive for Corona vaccination

Welcoming guests in the morning, boosting at noon

But this campaign was not the only day on which the vaccination syringes were drawn out in the house. After the internal offer for the first and second vaccination in summer, there is now also the possibility for every interested employee to have a booster vaccination (first and second vaccinations are of course still possible). We employees are happy to accept this uncomplicated offer. So after helping out and assisting guests at reception in the morning, it's a quick hop to the vaccination at lunchtime. Freshly immunised and having survived everything well, after this short interruption it is once again: Hello and welcome to the Empire Riverside Hotel.

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„I wanted to give something back. Every single vaccination counts for me.”

(Benjamin David, initiator of the campaign and sponsor of the trips in the luxury car)


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