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Rethink, act, change.

In a time where the consequences of our reckless treatment of the environment are becoming increasingly evident, the topic of sustainability is gaining importance - fortunately!

The question "What do 1-2 degrees mean?" might sound superficial, but its implications are alarming. While not everyone seems to be immediately affected, polar ice caps are melting, forests are going up in flames, and the number of people with mental illnesses is steadily increasing.

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Superficial actions, such as separating trash, are no longer sufficient. We are facing the challenge of finding long-term sustainable alternatives. This process is time-consuming and may also require financial investments. However, it's an investment that will pay off in the long run, not only ecologically but also economically - we deeply believe in that.

At intervals of 6 weeks, we gather our internal sustainability team to discuss ideas, successes, and setbacks. From these meetings, we gain valuable insights from which we derive concrete recommendations for action.

Now, we would like to give you an insight into the developments that have taken place with us over the past months.

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A wind rose in light grey with a transparent background.

What happens if we don't change?

The drastic effects of climate change are no longer theoretical concepts - they are reality.

  • All soon to be hostory?

    The water level is steadily rising. Venice, Lisbon, London, Bordeaux, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Bremen, Oldenburg, Sylt, and even Hamburg will no longer be inhabitable.

  • The 8th continent

    "Plastic Soup" Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Due to the constant influx of plastic into the oceans, over 650 underwater species are threatened.

  • Mental illnesses

    With every degree of global warming, the risk of mental illnesses increases by 0.9% - in our population density, this corresponds to a number of 72 million people.

  • Hunger

    Currently, over 822 million people are suffering from hunger. If all other non-climate-related factors and feedback effects remained unchanged, climate-related factors alone would cause an additional 183 million people to go hungry, compared to a scenario without climate change.

  • Extinction of species

    Warming of 2-3 degrees Celsius could lead to the extinction of 20-30% of all animal and plant species.

  • and much more

    These are just a few consequences mentioned. All these facts may sound utopian to us, but they are our future if we don't change something NOW.

And what have we done?

Given these pressing challenges, it is essential to take active measures. In our sustainability team, we constantly discuss, reject, and decide on the smallest improvements and steps.

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For example, we have set the date for our second Sustainability Day and already announced it. This event should not be a rarity and will be held annually. Here, achieved goals and current challenges are transparently communicated, providing space for ideas and feedback, as well as comprehensive information about the 3 pillars of sustainability. Furthermore, we have allocated a slot for sustainability in the onboarding of new colleagues, so that each person can contribute their ideas right from the first day of work. With the motto "Veggie is not bad at all, but seriously delicious!", there are now more and more "Veggie Days" in our employee restaurants. Not only on the guest side but also behind the scenes, everyone is being guided towards a sustainable future.

Our goal for this year was to formulate smart sustainability goals in our hotels. We have now formulated our first goals for the year 2024 and defined several others that need further specification. These encompass all 3 pillars of sustainability and involve the entire company. From the kitchen to procurement, from the front office to technology. We are confident that we can achieve our goals through continuous optimizations, which does not mean that the goals are set low. We will present our goals at our next Sustainability Day in January 2024 and then, as always, transparently share them here on our Sustainability Blog.

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The view of the sunset at Hamburg harbour from the Empire Riverside Hotel.

Small steps - big success

Through targeted measures in the area of energy use, we have achieved gratifying results. The use of timers, motion sensors, LED bulbs, and other technologies has led to significant savings.

Power consumption

We have taken stock - in the measurement period from May 1st to August 2nd, we were able to save 12.47% of electricity compared to the same period in the previous year through various measures like motion sensors, timers, and LED bulbs.

District heating consumption

In the same period, we also reduced our district heating consumption by 15.43%. Here, individual heat distributors are now manually opened and closed by our colleagues in building technology.

Water consumption

Even though we, as a hotel, have little influence over the water consumption of our guests, we have been able to save a whole 8.20% of water compared to 2022 through various changes such as water-saving faucets and toilets.

Knowledge, motivation and curiosity are key

Our Technical Manager, André Schulz, is a pioneer in energy efficiency. He emphasizes that even a seemingly cooler summer alone is not responsible for the savings - because without active measures, change doesn't happen. New acquisitions may be costly, but they pay off not only in energy savings but also in financial gains. This shows that sustainable investments can have a positive effect in the long run.

May we introduce?

Creating a bridge between generations

Oll Inclusive is an inspiring Hamburg initiative that focuses on actively involving "Seniors & Senioritas" as well as people aged 60+ in today's events. In a world inhabited by both young and old - digitally or analogously - the nonprofit organization strives to create an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome.

The founder, Mitra Kassai, emphasizes the enrichment she gains from her conversations with seniors in various senior residences. These conversations about memories, professions, hobbies, and fears teach her to appreciate the true values of life. The initiative reflects these values by establishing a network for people over 60 years old, serving as a bridge between generations.

Through Oll Inclusive, a connection is created between generations, showing that life in all its facets is shared by all of us, regardless of age or background.

Feel free to take a look here.

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