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Saving resources

Environmental protection and saving resources are more important today than ever before. For decades, our society has been anything but economical with all the resources at our disposal. Whether water, electricity, nature, animals or people.

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Within the hotel industry, it is not easy to strike the balance between being economical with resources and providing a flawless hotel experience for our guest. Therefore, there are three top items on our project plan that we have definitely addressed in terms of sustainability:

  • Waste management
  • Employee participation
  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

We would like to share some of what we have already achieved in these points with you in this blog.

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Purchasing - Packaging - Suppliers

Our large project plan on the topic of sustainability in our hotels includes some points that are to be handled via the purchasing department. Ideas and decisions are developed and made together.
So far, we have already been able to implement some ideas and achieve small successes that together already have a big impact on our waste management, for example.

Small successes make a big change

  • Packaging

    Bedtime snacks are packed in FSC bags | No portioned goods in our staff restaurant | only portioned butter left as portioned good on the breakfast buffet (for hygiene reasons) | Agreements with suppliers regarding return of packaging/reusable packaging | Collective deliveries in the case of several orders from the same supplier

  • Suppliers

    Cooperation with local suppliers has been and will be expanded | Selection of suppliers from Europe as far as possible

  • Reusable instead of disposable

    Breakfast juices switched from dispensers/cartons to reusable bottles | Only sustainable disposable cutlery

Break = Quality time

Resource people - our employees are our top priority.

Day in, day out, our staff are there for our guests. Whether with a smile at breakfast, with a helping hand when carrying luggage or dedicated, thorough but quick room cleaning. There is a smooth transition between check-in and check-out and there is hardly any time to take a deep breath. A 30-minute break is really good, because we all know that a full stomach makes you more productive and, above all, happier.

Since the beginning, our colleagues have been provided with delicious food every day in our canteen. However, our canteen was past its prime - it lacked charm. What changed?

The old canteen was completely renovated and extended within a very short time. The result is a modern restaurant with a fresh look.
Thanks to the creativity of our staff, the two rooms have already been given their specific names. The somewhat cosier and quieter room is now called "Das Waldstübchen", while the larger and brighter room of the restaurant is appropriately called "Die Lichtung".

Sustainability Day

„Plans to protect air and water, wilderness and wildlife, are in fact plans to protect man.”

Stewart Udall

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GreenSign Certificate

Our great commitment to ecological, economic and social sustainability has proven successful.

As of now, the Empire Riverside Hotel at Hamburg's harbour is one of the certified GreenSign Hotels and has thus been awarded Level 4 out of 5 for its sustainability.

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Did you know that we are accessible?

Barrier-free through the Empire Riverside Hotel. Discover all the information about accessibility here.

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