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Hamburg, 23 September 2022

Have you ever been in a hurry but still need to get to the reception desk in the hustle and bustle of the lobby to check out? We have the perfect solution for you!

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The digital age is constantly changing and evolving rapidly. At the latest during the Corona Pandemic, each of us has had some contact with the digital world. Therefore, we decided that it was time for a change. Together with our team of experts, we have spent four years doing everything we can to optimise our processes for you. In order to offer you new services adapted to your individual needs, we have thus created our digital online check-out. No matter if you are on a business trip or the next family holiday. Now everyone can easily check out without waiting.

Why we bother, you ask?

For one, we believe that everyone's time is a precious commodity and should not be spent waiting. On the other hand, digitalisation means a big step towards sustainability, because thanks to online check-out, so much paper can be saved. Especially when you consider that we have an average of about 2600 departures per month. You can imagine how many invoices have to be printed. The advantage of online check-out means an online invoice directly in the inbox within a few minutes and with a customisable billing address. This is at least a way to move towards a sustainable future and at the same time improve user-friendliness.

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