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Here you will find current topics and offers around the Empire Riverside Hotel and Hamburg.


The HafenCityRun 2024

Summer is finally here again: the sun is shining, the atmosphere is buzzing and the HafenCity has once again become a lively running track! Join our team at the 22nd HafenCity Run and read how we worked together with the other teams for a good cause.

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The apple bloom in the Altes Land

Spring is finally here again; birds are chirping, bees are buzzing and the many trees of the Altes Land are blooming again! Join our apprentices on their excursion to the largest fruit-growing region in Northern Europe and enjoy a refreshing spring cocktail.

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Our commitment to a cleaner future & a closer community!

Immerse yourself in the world of sustainability and waste management with our Technical Manager, who explains the relevance of the topic in our blog post. At the same time, discover an initiative that champions the voice of every child and become part of an inspiring journey to shape the future together.

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Just so: Charity goes 20up

Take time for our future and celebrate with us in front of the spectacular backdrop of Hamburg's harbour for a good cause. Enjoy the live performance of the two artists LOANA and Jan Salander in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Meet the Crew: Our colleagues in the centre

A team is more than the eye can see and we want to share that with you! Get to know our employees who fill our hotel with life, fun an authenticity day by day to create a unique experience for you. We love our Empire, and with „Meet the Crew“, we are going to give you more insights behind the scenes. Dive in!

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Our first values workshops - for working together and for each other.

Join us for two inspiring days at our first values workshop, which brought us closer together as a team and brought our values to life. Let's explore together what values we stand for and how we can express them in our daily actions.

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An exciting start: New faces at the Empire Riverside Hotel!

Experience the start of our promising talents at the Empire Riverside Hotel with us! From the culinary creations of our new trainee chef to the warmth of our hotel management apprentices - we warmly welcome our new apprentices to a world full of hospitality, adventure and dreams, where the future belongs to them.

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Unser zweiter Nachhaltigkeitstag

Discover the highlights of our 2nd Sustainability Day at the Empire Riverside Hotel and Hotel Hafen Hamburg. Immerse yourself in informative workshops on topics such as biodiversity, inclusion and social responsibility. Find out how we have achieved impressive savings and present our progress in concrete figures. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond words - it's a promise for a more sustainable future. Experience change with us!

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A year full of glamour and hospitality - the Empire Riverside Hotel's annual review

Experience a fascinating journey through a year full of highs and lows in the Empire Riverside Hotel's 2023 Year in Review. From inspiring apprentice trips and sustainable initiatives to exciting design changes, the review offers a comprehensive insight into the formative experiences and successes that have shaped the hotel.

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The pâtisserie in the spotlight

Discover the exclusive Lava Cake recipe from the patisserie of the Empire Riverside Hotel and immerse yourself in the world of sweet temptations. Find out more about the talented patissiers behind this heavenly dessert and be inspired to create your own culinary creations.

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The beginning lies with us

From Global to Individual: How does tourism impact the world economy? In our latest blog post, we reflect on the responsibility of the tourism industry and share our experiences from the Green Tourism Camp. Discover how we contribute to a greener future through concrete actions in the Hambach Forest and innovative approaches in hotel operations. Plus, a glimpse into our new pilot project to reduce food waste.

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Together for education and creativity: our visit to the ReBBZ Altona

Join us for an inspiring day at the ReBBZ Altona School, where the Empire Riverside Hotel has donated this year's raffle proceeds from the internal summer party. Immerse yourself in a world full of potential and fulfilment. Let's shape the future together!

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From the Elbe to the European City: our apprentices on a voyage of discovery in Brussels

A spirit of adventure and team spirit: Join our Empire Riverside Hotel apprentices on their inspiring journey to Brussels. Immerse yourself in a story full of discoveries, from cultural treasures to unforgettable team experiences. Read on to find out how this trip not only revealed the beauty of Brussels, but also strengthened the invaluable bond within our team.

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Halloween Drinks

Experience autumn in every sip with our cocktails "Pumpkin Spiced Passion" and "Witcher's Heart"! The ideal companions for cosy evenings with friends. Learn more in our latest blog post.

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The transformation: when the Empire Riverside Hotel glows in elegant black.

We have exciting news for you! Our beloved lobby, once resplendent in plain white, has undergone a stunning transformation and now presents itself in deep, mysterious black. In this blog post, we take you on a behind-the-scenes journey of this exciting transformation and share the fascinating story behind this decision.

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In a time where the consequences of our reckless environmental behavior are becoming clearer, the importance of sustainability is growing – fortunately. Explore how we are actively addressing the impacts and how small steps lead to significant success.

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The future belongs to our apprentices

Discover the shining stars in the apprenticeship sky! In our hotel we welcome seven talented and motivated apprentices who are ready to start their professional journey. With enthusiasm and warmth, we accompany them on their way to a successful career. Learn more about the exciting personalities who will enrich our team and shape our future. Look forward to inspiring stories and unforgettable moments - our apprentices are ready to conquer the hotel world!

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Skyline Beats by 20 Up - Boat Edition

The Skyline Bar 20up is known for the best drinks and a fabulous view of Hamburg harbour, but even that is sometimes not enough for us, which is why we have come up with something very special. What exactly you'll find out here...

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Culinary Sushi Art

Cooking is more than just preparing food, serving up the best needs good products, talent and experience. The path to becoming a master of one's craft is long and rocky. Have you ever been to Hamburg and been pampered by the one and only Sushi Master Tuk? No, then why not drop by spontaneously and enjoy an evening of sushi and a drink. Dive into the world of sushi with us now. Get to know Chantira "Tuk" Bedick and get an overview of her art.

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Step by step - becoming sustainable together

Together and step by step: Welcome to the second sustainability blog! Since our Sustainability Day, we have integrated the ideas of our colleagues and are continuously working on new initiatives to reduce our environmental impact and create a sustainable future.

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Spring on the plate - "it's asparagus time".

Finally, asparagus is back and with it the best asparagus recipes. From asparagus soup to asparagus salad and classic dishes, our kitchen team from the waterkant restaurant has worked their magic again and transformed the little wonders of spring into delicious dishes. From now on, it's "asparagus time" at the Empire Riverside Hotel.

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Harry Potter and the cursed child

Visit our Empire Riverside Hotel and go on a fantastic journey of adventure with Harry Potter and his friends in the wizarding world of Hogwarts. Experience Hamburg through a completely different viewpoint.

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New talents on board

The Empire Riverside Hotel and Hotel Hafen Hamburg welcome five new apprentices this year. In this article you can find out who our new freshmen are.

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15 years Empire

Experience the Empire Riverside Hotel in Hamburg like never before on the occasion of our 15th anniversary. Celebrate with us and experience the Empire Riverside Hotel in a new way. With a special offer, unforgettable experiences and a breathtaking view of the Elbe.

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The year 2022 in review

Take a look back at the year 2022 with us. We are rewinding all of our highlights of this year, which we are now looking back at with gratitude.

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First Day of Sustainability

We held our first Sustainability Day on 9 January 2023 for a total of 400 employees, customers and partners. After a presentation about our sustainability initiative, all participants had the opportunity to experience an exciting workshop of their choice with our partners.

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Baked apple liqueur

You are looking for a winter themed recipe for cold days? Then our baked apple liqueur is a recommendation that will delight you! The combination of the fruity, sweet note with the blend of star anise and cinnamon immediately reminds you of Christmas and gives you a festive feeling!

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Saving resources - in every sense

Environmental protection and saving resources are more important today than ever before. For decades, our society has been anything but economical with all the resources at our disposal. Whether water, electricity, nature, animals or people.

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it´s tea time

Our third-year apprentices go on an excursion through east frisia and take you through the beautiful coastal towns of Frisia as well as the traditional tea ceremony.

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Pumpkin soup

Sweet or savoury, no other vegetable is as versatile as the pumpkin. We love pumpkin not only because it is so versatile, but also because it tastes great and is so healthy at the same time. Especially on rainy days, when the temperatures keep dropping, a warm, hearty pumpkin soup is a treat for the palate. Cosy up in the blanket and enjoy the day with a bowl of creamy pumpkin soup. What could be better?

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Check out online!

Look forward with us to the digital online check-out, which can now be used conveniently and easily via your smartphone. Waiting in line at the reception was yesterday!

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Summer Party 2022

In mid-August it was "We are allowed again and want even more!" We celebrated our Summer Party 2022 with our sister hotel, the Hotel Hafen Hamburg, at Strand Pauli on Hamburg's harbour. Cool drinks, delicious food, good music and lots of fun were the motto of the day. See here how we spent our summer party.

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GreenSign Certificate

Our great commitment to ecological, economic and social sustainability has proven successful.

As of now, the Empire Riverside Hotel at Hamburg's harbour is one of the certified GreenSign Hotels and has thus been awarded Level 4 out of 5 for its sustainability.

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Welcome to the Waterkant!

On 1st August 2022, we welcomed seven new apprentices to our hotel and to our sister hotel, the Hotel Hafen Hamburg. In order to get a direct impression of the everyday hotel life in the first few days, orientation days were organized for the apprentices. Two of them told us how they experienced them.

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Did you know that we are accessible?

Barrier-free through the Empire Riverside Hotel. Discover all the information about accessibility here.

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Filleting salmon trout

Our chef Corey Mulsow shows you how to fillet a salmon trout very easily. With the right steps and the right tools, this is done in no time.

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Wi-Fi in new glory

It's time for fast and free internet without complicated registration. Discover our 12 MBit/s fast internet with a brand new look.

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We give bees a place to call home

Since 10 May, our new neighbours the bees have moved in on our roof. The bees are now part of our team and enrich our urban environment not only with their presence but also with their delicious honey.

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A peek behind the scenes of the F&B

Have you ever taken a look behind the scenes of F&B? What does F&B even mean? We'll tell you and are happy to take a look with you into the world of our restaurants and bars.

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From 2G-Plus to 3G regulation

A step towards normality - The 3G regulation! What this means and how it will affect your stay in our house, you will find out here.

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Welcome on board, sailors!

In February 2022 it's Moin Moin new apprentices! From now on, seven new faces will actively support us and our sister hotel, the Hotel Hafen Hamburg.

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Vaccination with a view

The last few months have shown that only together can we make it out of the crisis. Therefore, we also wanted to make a small contribution and offered vaccinations in our special, in-house atmosphere to guests and staff. The response was impressive.

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The year 2021 in review

We look back on the turbulent year 2021 full of many new challenges and events. We have summarized the past twelve months for you.

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Excursion through the wineries of the West

Our apprentices will take you on a journey through the wineries of western Germany.

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We welcome our new apprentices

The time has come for our 13 new apprentices and two dual students to start their first days in our hotel and our sister hotel Hotel Hafen Hamburg.

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Day Use

Get to know hotel rooms in a whole different way. Recently we offer our hotel rooms also for day use. Under this category you can use the comfort of a hotel room for a few hours and relax comfortably.

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Employees restaurant

The clearing and the little forest are now the feel-good place for our employees - after a month of renovation work our lunchroom is finally open again and our breaks can now be enjoyed in a natural feel-good environment.

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Covid-19 employee vaccinations

Bright hope for a safer future – we have started to vaccinate our employees, to ensure that they, as well as you, can stay as safe as possible in our facility.

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Reopening of the 20up

It's that time again, the culinary gates of Hamburg are open. The 20up shines in the old splendor with many new as well as old drinks. Convince yourself and come by.

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We are open again!

The time has come! From the 3rd of May we can welcome again all those who are staying in Hamburg for business reasons.
We would like to inform you about how we are dealing with the situation and tell you all the hygiene and safety measures we have taken.

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Our apprentices flats

Do you know that finding a cheap and central flat in Hamburg is no walk in the park?
We have found the perfect solution for our trainees - or rather - we have built it.
Would you like to join us on a virtual room tour? We found out a lot and would like to introduce you to our "apprentice flats" project - come on in!

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Digital check-in

Do you know how we will save 500 kilograms of paper per year in the future? Modern, secure and environmentally conscious will be your future visit at our hotel, hopefully soon, because our electronic check-in system is ready for use. Digital does not mean impersonal - don't worry! In the future, our colleagues will have even more time for an individual exchange and a few Hamburg tips. It's best to read for yourself.

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"Welcome to the team!" was the slogan for our new trainees at the beginning of February. But how does the start into professional life proceed during the lockdown and why does one decide now for an apprenticeship in the hospitality industry? You can find the answers to these and other exciting questions here.

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The year in review

We have used the quiet moments at the end of the year for us to summarize the exciting past twelve months. As we were not able to share as many moments with you this year as we had hoped, we would like to share this flashback with you.

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Current Information

Due to the current situation, our Empire Riverside Hotel and all the associated bars and restaurants will remain closed. You can read more information here.

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The new apprentices are here

A new start for ten new trainees. Two eventful orientation days lie behind us. Read in our blog post what awaits the new trainees and what the first days offered. In addition, our trainee Ida reports in a video interview how she has settled in with us and what she wishes for her future.

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Cooking for a good cause

What happened to 2700 eggs, 150 litres of sauce and 40 kg of potatoes? Due to the sudden stop of the hotel activities, we had some food left over, which we would like to give to all those who are suffering from the current situation.

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We are very happy to be complete again, because the soul of the hotel is you - our guests!

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Our way to say thank you!

Since the beginning of last week we have been illuminating the facades of the Empire Riverside Hotel every evening with a big heart and a laughing smiley face. You wonder what message is hidden behind it?

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Let us introduce: Our new hotel online shop!

The time has come: We have an online shop! Here you can find your favourite products from our hotel and have the holiday feeling comfortably delivered to your home.

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The new trainees!

We welcome our new trainees, are pleased to welcome them to our team and wish them an exciting time full of experience!

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HolidayCheck Award 2020

Every year, the HolidayCheck Award honours the best hotels in a particular region. We are delighted to receive this award thanks to your support!

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Our new Skyview rooms

20th floor, gallery level with freestanding bathtub, extra-large bed, magnificent port view - it couldn't get any better!

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New Year's Eve buffet inspired by our favourite dishes

The preparations for New Year's Eve are in full swing and we look forward to making your New Year's Eve in Hamburg a very special experience. Culinary we offer only the best - the favourite dishes of our colleagues from many different departments.

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Second place at "Receptionist of the Year"

Every year, the AICR competition honors the best young professionals in the hotel industry. We are proud of our colleague Josephine Waschek, who proved herself in this year's edition and took the second place.

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Your city. Your hotels.

On 10th of November, Empire Riverside Hotel opens its doors to Hamburger residents who want to discover their hometown in a different way.

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News from waterkant

Just in time for the start of the new season, the new menu at restaurant waterkant is available for all lovers of the good cuisine.

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Kitchen battle at restaurant waterkant

Two lucky winners have prevailed at the cooking duel, each taking home a work contract! From a shopping basket full of ingredients, the contestants were required to prepare a dish of their choice within 40 minutes and prepare it for the jury.

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Rivrstyle Harbour Birthday

The harbour is celebrating its 830th anniversary in may at the Landungsbrücken of Hamburg. Thousand of people will be awaited for this great event, which you should not miss!

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Gastro Vision 2019

Same procedure as every year? Definitely not! The gastronomical trade fair Gastro Vision celebrated its 20th birthday with us.

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Digital Guest Folder

Good news: Our new guest folder is available to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

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Your voice counts!

The rexx Recruiting Award honours marketing projects and campaigns thourgout different industries in Germany for the first time. We have particitpated successfully!

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Glass straws

Sustainable and cool - We are happy to present you our new glass straws. The brand Halm offers a great alternative to the regular plastic straws, under the slogan "more tase, less waste".

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Every Original needs a Future

We are online – with great pleasure and passion we developed our career page in the past months. On this page we introduce ourselves as an employer, point out what we offer and job applicants can find job vacancies to start with us in the common future.

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10th anniversary

At Valentine’s Day 2018 we celebrated our 10th anniversary with a big event. 10 years Empire Riverside Hotel – you, our loyal guests created countless stories and unforgettable moments day by day…

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The new man atop

Moin and a warm welcome! We celebrate our 10th anniversary and just in time we are happy to introduce our new general manager Enrico Ungermann to you. We are glad to welcome him in our beautiful Hanseatic city.

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Best View Arrangement

Enjoy Hamburg with our new package! Hamburg’s best view: A room with harbour view, RIVERstyle breakfast and Sushi in our DAVID’S Bar & Lounge are waiting for you. And don’t miss the “Best View Cocktail” in our famous Skyline Bar 20up.

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Farewell from our General Manager

Even though the good times come to an end…two great, exiting and remarkably years with our General Manager Philip Borckenstein von Quirini.

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Hotelier of the year

The Rolling Pin Award goes to…Philip Borckenstein von Quirini! Our General Manager is “Hotelier of the year” – and we are proud! More than 9.800 employees of hotels and gastronomy participated in an online voting and voted for their favorites.

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New concept for the waterkant

Experience seafood in a new way, grilled right in front of your eyes in our open show kitchen. Sustainability and freshness in mind you can enjoy daily wild-caught fish.

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