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Employee restaurant

Our employee restaurant has finally opened its doors after a month-long renovation period. On 05.08.2021 we welcomed and inaugurated a canteen shining in new light.

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The Corona pandemic has been with us all for a long while now. In the last 1.75 years, we have always tried to fulfil all the rules and to offer you a carefree stay that lets you forget the worries of everyday life. All of this was and is only possible because of a very good, well-coordinated and highly motivated team. All team members, from trainees to management, had to give their best at all times, think along, be flexible, stay motivated and not let short-time work and a closed hotel bring them down. The team of the Empire Riverside Hotel has managed this brilliantly at all times and therefore it was time to give something back. To thank the staff, we built a new staff restaurant.

The old canteen was getting a bit old and didn't exactly invite people to linger. Moreover, the place was always quite noisy and crowded for breaks. This has now come to an end! The canteen was completely renovated and extended within a very short time. The result is a new staff restaurant in a new look. The difference between the canteen and the restaurant is essentially expressed in 3 characteristics:

1. The premises are beautiful and perfectly equipped! The high-quality materials have been complemented by fine furniture and express appreciation for our team when entering the restaurant. Every day, employees find interesting information about the company, the upcoming day and St.Pauli on large displays. The restaurant is divided into two separate rooms. On the one hand, there is the main room, where the catering for the breaks takes place, and on the other hand, there is a lounge, which invites you to drink coffee and relax. The main room also contains a kitchenette with cold and hot plates, a very high quality coffee machine, a water dispenser, a microwave and much more.

2. The food is delicious! It's fresh, homemade instead of frozen and the food's lightness is a real treat, especially at lunchtime. In addition, many vegetarian dishes with an optional meat option are offered, so that all colleagues, regardless of their dietary preferences and religion, can enjoy a healthy meal.

3. It invites you to linger. As an employee in St. Pauli, you are used to the turbulent Reeperbahn and the industrial charm of the harbour cranes. The new restaurant is a clear contrast to this. The entire restaurant is decorated in natural tones and some of the walls are even decorated with tree trunks. This is why, thanks to the creativity of our staff, the two rooms already have their specific names. The cosier and quieter room is now called "Das Waldstübchen", while the larger and brighter room is called " Die Lichtung".

The restaurant is a thank-you from our management to each and every person. It is a sign of appreciation and a gift for the daily master achievements of the entire team.

We know that you would like to visit us yourself and usually we always put our guests in the focus. But in this case we have to say: We are looking forward to many relaxing and invigorating breaks in our Waldstübchchen and Lichtung. Dear colleagues, we are happy that you are with us. Thank you for your contribution!

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Our employee restaurant

Das Video zeigt Bilder unseres Mitarbeiter-Restaurants und Eindrücke von der kleinen aber feinen Eröffnungsfeier.

„The staff restaurant is a thank you as well as an appreciation to the entire team that has accompanied us through this special time.
It is a sign that each individual is an important part of the whole and can find peace and relaxation for a while in our staff restaurant. ”

Hotelmanager Enrico Ungermann


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