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it´s tea time

Hamburg, 1. November 2022

Last month, our third-year apprentices went on an exploratory tour of East Frisia. There they spent three days discovering the beautiful coastal town of Greetsiel as well as Schillig and learning lots of new things about East Frisian culture. The final trip was not only eventful for our apprentices, but also very bonding.

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The trip started in the early hours of the morning in their hometown and from there the journey to Greetsiel began. The picturesque fishing village in East Frisia is especially known for its harbour and its shrimp factory. This is exactly what our trainees took a closer look at and visited a fish production. Afterwards, they spent the evening together in the "Jever Stube" which is a bar that is famous for its delicious beer.

The next morning the excursion continued, but this time in Schillig. Schillig is at the seaside in the Lower Saxon district of Friesland. The name of the place is derived from the word "shell" and refers to the rich occurrence of shells, which are deposited in large quantities with every new tide. At noon, our apprentices set out in wind and weather for a mudflat hike. With their feet in the mud, they learned interesting facts about the natural environment and its inhabitants.

After the team had warmed up, they went to Jever. The town's name is famous for the brand of beer that gives it its name, which presents itself as "Frisian herb". The small town also presents itself in the same way. On an excursion to Jever, you cannot miss the tea tradition. The East Frisians take their tea very seriously and to this day the "Teetied" (low german for "tea time") is an important part of East Frisian sociability. Did you know that every East Frisian drinks around 300 litres of tea a year? That makes them the world's largest tea consumers on earth. We will explain more about the preparation of real East Frisian tea at the end.

On the last day of the final trip, they travelled about 150 km back to Bremerhaven to the "Klimahaus" ("House of climate"). There you will find the World Future Lab, where the fate of the earth is in your own hands. Here, our apprentices had the opportunity to make climate-relevant decisions at various game stations and save our planet in the process. As a crowning finale, the team strolled along the Cuxhaven harbour in the sunshine before the trip came to an end.

„The final trip is definitely one of my favourite moments during my apprenticeship. It was nice to be able to experience team bonding moments together. I'm really grateful that we were able to spend such a nice time together again so close to the exam.”

Valerie Kothe, apprentice

How to drink real East Frisian tea

  • Step 1: Place a Kluntje (rock candy) in the cup
  • Step 2: Pour the tea slowly up to the halfway mark so that the tip of the Kluntje sticks out
  • Step 3: Do not stir the tea and carefully pour in the cream
  • Step 4: The Wulkje ( cloud of cream ) rises up
  • Tea is neither shaken nor stirred. The real enjoyment of a tea opens up all the different facets of life. Gentle, bitter and sugar-sweet on the finish

„Experienced a lot, learned a lot and laughed a lot”

Theresa Monreal, apprentice


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